Monday, August 8, 2016

Home Alone Again

Well, my mom has gone back to school (work) and I am home alone all day. She comes home from 11 - 12 but she leaves at 7 a.m. and doesn't come home until 3:30. I really don't mind - I get to stay in her recliner and stretch out and sleep all day. 

Note from Mom: I realized that he has not been limping the past 5 or 6 weeks and I have decided it must be because I have been home and he is more mobile. He goes up and down the stairs with me a lot. When I work he does sleep all day and he stays pretty much in my recliner. I am thinking that because he sleeps and lays around that he is "stove up" more and that is why he limps. So - I am just going to have to make sure he is active every evening. It is just too hot right now for walks. Being a bulldog, he can't take the heat for very long. 

Today was my first full day back to work - I will miss being home all day with him. I want to be a stay at home dog mom!