Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just Me and My Dad

My mom made a trip to Arkansas so just us guys hung out. We had a lot of fun, but I was sure ready for my mom to come home. It just isn't the same without my mom. Me and dad played ball, frisbee and hung out in the garage a lot. He bought me some goodies from Walmart that mom wasn't too happy about because she says they are junk food. I don't know, they tasted pretty good to me! She likes for me to have healthy, organic treats that we get from Barkbox every month. (They do have mighty good stuff!!)

Note from Mom: I left on Thursday morning very early and then came home Saturday evening so it was a pretty short trip. Brad bought him some of those nasty jerky type chew strips that are nothing but by-products and terribly unhealthy. I am sure Opie thought they were great. It was like giving a kid a bunch of candy at one time and calling it health food, but he felt sorry for him because he wasn't eating and he was moping around after the first day when he realized I wasn't coming home that day. I know Brad takes good care of him but no one can take care of the baby like the mom, right?