Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas! I love Christmas. Presents, pretty lights, special treats. My mom and dad took me driving around to see the pretty lights. That was a lot of fun!
My mom flew to visit our family in Arkansas for a whole week and then dad went there to bring her home. I went to stay with Suzanne - the lady that keeps me when my mom and dad go some place that I can't go.

I got some nice presents. My grandma made me a blanket. My mom and dad got me a puzzle that looks like a wooden bone and has pegs that you have to remove to get to the treats. I figured that out really quick! I also got some yummy treats. 

Note from Mom:
I really missed being away from him but we were able to be together again on Christmas day since we got back a day early.
The lady who keeps him found out she has stage 4 cancer so we were really sad to hear that. We will be praying for her to get well. I know how she loves dogs and she hopes she can continue keeping them as long as possible. I know Opie will miss being able to see her if her treatments keep her from all the dogs she loves.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Mom Leaves this Week

My mom is flying to Arkansas this week so that means dad and I will be winging it until the 23rd. Then I am going to go stay with a friend and play while dad goes to Arkansas, too, for a few days. Mom and Dad will drive back together and then pick me up.
I know I am going to miss my mom a lot, but dad and I will have a lot of fun, too.  He will let me do things mom doesn't let me do - like eat potato chips. Mom says we can Skype every day so we can see each other. 

Note from Mom:
I am missing him already! I have downloaded Skype on Brad's iPad so I can talk to him every day. I know he will be fine, but no one can take care of him like I do. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super Cool Photos

My mom downloaded an app on her iPad called Super Photos and they are really super cool! 
Here are some of the ones she did.

Note from Mom: I love all of these. I think I am going to have the full body one put on canvas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Christmas Pictures

My mom took a whole bunch of pictures of me in front of our Christmas tree. She wanted me to wear a Santa hat, but I told her I didn't like it so she didn't make me wear it. I think they turned out pretty good but mom says that I wasn't being very cooperative. I don't know what more she wanted. I sat down, I laid down, I smiled. 

Note from Mom: No, he was not having any part of the Santa hat. Bad idea. These are the 2 best pictures out of about 10. He did sit but wouldn't get close enough to the tree for a good picture. 
I really wanted to get our "family" picture as last year but we just never got around to it, so these will have to do. They are pretty cute.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week & Company

I had so much fun during Thanksgiving week. Both my mom and dad were home with me all week. We had family here and I got to play with Cole (7) and Hadlie (4) and mom and dad said I was so good. 
My Uncle Mark got into trouble because he kept feeding me foods that mom didn't want me to eat. I kind of liked it myself. Mom did let me have some turkey, tho. 

My cousin Kasey was a lot of fun. He kept saying he likes me a whole lot. He doesn't have a dog of his own and he says he doesn't want one, but if he did he would want a boy just like me!
I think every human should have a dog!

Note from Mom: we were really happy with Opie's behavior. Hadlie was terrified of Opie at first but within a couple of hours she was playing with him like he was a little puppy. Opie loves kids so much. Cole is more laid back and he really was more interested in his iPad or iPhone but he did play with him quite a bit.