Friday, January 30, 2015

Graduated All The Way!

I am done with all my training. I am an official graduate. I have been through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training. Mom says that is a big deal. She says she is going to be training me for other things but I know a lot of stuff already.

I can bow, wave, crawl, sit, down, up, high 5, shake, heel, stay, leave it, roll over, spin and mom says I am the smartest dog ever.  She should know because she is the smartest mom ever.

Note from Mom: We have now been through 3 levels of training. All through Petsmart and I am glad we decided to go through them. Marilyn, his trainer, is a very sweet person and Opie really loves her and she loves him as well. She is leaving Petsmart for bigger and better things but she made sure she finished out her time with Opie's training. We will miss seeing her at Petsmart but hopefully we will continue to stay in touch through social media and possible playdates at the park.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Giggle Ball Please

Giggle Ball

I really want one! 

Note from Mom: this video is so cute - he saw the commercial on TV and was trying to tell me that he wants one. I haven't bought one yet - but plan to.  You can watch the video of Opie asking for a giggle ball. HERE

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sad Sad News RIP Diesel

There was a very sad and bad thing that happened at one of the doggy parks that we sometimes go to this past weekend. A man took his gun with him and he said a dog was being too aggressive to his dog and he shot him 3 times. The poor dog died. The police were there and they questioned people but the did not arrest the man. There were lots of witnesses who said the dog did nothing wrong, he was just a puppy who wanted to play. My mom and dad said we will not go back to that dogpark to play.

Rest In Peace, Diesel

Not from Mom:
I am very upset about the news. It was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was killed. The news reported that the man shot the dog 3 times in self defense but witnesses say the dog did nothing to provoke the man. The investigation is still ongoing and I certainly hope they find enough cause to indict the man. He deserves to pay for taking the life of someone else's beloved pet. 
Just heartbreaking. The news story is below. We will be keeping up with it to find out if the man is punished.

Dog Shot at Dog Park

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Mom's Making Great Pawgress!

My mom is more than 3/4 way through her studies for Dog Trainer/Instructor.

Note from Mom: So glad to get the Agility lessons over with. Now I am on to Search & Rescue, much more interesting. Not that agility wouldn't be fun to work with but remembering all the different ways to score in agility and different obstacles was hard! I missed 2 on my exam. :-(

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Growing Growing Grown

Well, not quite yet grown but on my way! Look how big I am now. 
I get called cute all the time but I think it is time to call me handsome!

Note from mom:
It makes me a little sad to see him grow up. I sure miss being able to pick him up and cuddle him but of course I didn't get to do that very long.

Large breed dogs grow until at least 2 years and sometimes up to 3 years so he isn't finished yet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pupachino Time

I love Pupachino. This is a special treat I get at Starbucks. It tastes so good and I like to lick the cup clean. Mom says I can't have them all the time because it's sweet.  We have to safe it for special occasions. I got to get one tonight before my training class.
Note from mom: he knows when we go through the drive through at Starbucks that it's Pupachino time! He is so funny. He gets a goatee and mustache of whipped cream.

All Starbucks offer this special pet treat. Just ask for a Pupachino or puppy whip.  If you happen to get a barista that is clueless, just tell them a small cup of infused whipped cream. And it's FREE! 

Doggy Wash

We went to the park this weekend and I found the mud holes right away. I just love to take mud baths! Mom and dad were not thrilled but they let me run and jump and roll in them anyway. 
But afterwards mom and dad did something they have never done before. They took me to a doggy wash! I did not care for it at all! Even though the sun was shining and it was nice and warm, I nearly froze to death! That big ole stainless steel tub was so cold. It was the longest 3 minutes of my life!

Note from mom: I LOVE the doggy wash! He was head to toe mud and it was so much easier than the tub at home. For $2 - it works just like the car wash. A nice big tub with a ramp - a place to hook your dog so that can't fall or jump out and several options on the dial. Rinse, shampoo, conditioner, flea & tick (we didn't do that one) blow dry. The nozzle is a nice size and doesn't come out too harsh. I am not sure if Opie was shivering from cold or fear. It only lasts 3 minutes so you have to work pretty quickly. 

In the summer time we use the wading pool for baths but I am glad to have another option besides the bathtub. 

Not so sure he thinks the mud baths are worth it now. 
No mud pictures or bath pictures. I thought Brad was taking pics at the park and he only took one from far away. We had to hurry with the bath and didn't get a picture.

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Dad is The Best

I love my daddy. What can I say. He plays with me all the time. He likes for me to hang out with him in the backyard. He buys me cool treats and toys. I look forward to Friday's because mom goes to work and dad stays home and when mom leaves he lets me get in the bed. We stay there and watch TV for a couple of hours and then we have a good time playing when we get up. Sometimes we go to the park on Fridays all by ourselves. Mom says I am lucky because daddy never really was a "dog person" before  I came along. 

Note from Mom: Now that we have had Opie in our lives for 9 months - I can't imagine him not being a part of our family. Even though Brad was on board with ME getting a dog - because he knows how much I love them and I just don't feel complete with out one in my home, he never planned to get so attached. In fact, he hadn't really planned on doing anything more than accompanying us to the dog park, take care of him ONLY if he HAD to if I was gone and maybe let him hang out in the backyard with him from time to time. He never dreamed he would fall so in love with him, too. He dotes on Opie all the time. I used to worry about the costs of having a large breed and wondered if he would have a fit if he knew how much I would be spending. HA! He spoils him more than I do in the toy and treat department. At first when we had to board him for the first time and I told him how much it would cost - he wasn't too thrilled, especially with any add on services like "human play" time, extra treats, etc. Now when he goes he wants to upgrade him to the nicest suite (which includes TV) and make sure he gets plenty of one on one time. We have a place called Lucky Pawz and I try to be reasonable with the treats we buy there since it is a high end pet store but he will just waltz in there on his own and bring home a bag full of stuff. It is really fun to see their relationship blooming more and more each day - BUT HE IS MY DOG! 
Brad just sent me this picture of Opie with the text - "He says he doesn't want to get up". LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Advanced Training

I am half way finished with my Advanced Training Classes. My trainer says I will get an official stamped certificate with a seal and everything. My mom frames my certificates and hangs them on the wall. 
We switched our training to Tuesday evenings instead of Sunday afternoons. That way it doesn't interfere with fun times like the park! Plus I get out an extra night during the week. 
My trainer says she is quitting after I graduate. I am her last class. I will miss seeing her at Petsmart but mom says we can still meet her at the dogpark some time with Kahleesi.

Note from mom: This will be our very last training to do for awhile. We are working on standing from a down position, crawling and leaving a treat on the paw until he gets to OK. Actually he does all of these at home already but he does have difficulties in an area with a lot of distractions so this has been good. I will continue working on everything he has done in all 3 classes and will keep adding my own commands. He is so smart - but like a typical bully breed - he is hard headed sometimes! The following pictures were taken this week. He loves to snort in my ear.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

11 Months Old Today

I think my mom is getting pretty excited about my upcoming birthday in February. I will be one year old soon. I know I will get some good presents.

I am in my advanced training classes now. I have had 2 classes so far. This will be my 3rd diploma! My mom frames them and puts them on the wall.

I weigh 69 pounds
I love yogurt, V8 Juice, peanut butter and pretty much all treats. My newest tricks are crawl, leave it (treat on paw) wave. 
I hope I get a birthday cake!

Note from Mom: it is hard to believe he is already 11 months old. He is still such a baby to me. Actually large breeds are considered puppies until they are 2 - 3 years old, depending on the breed. They continue to grow to about 2 years. I don't think Opie will get a whole lot bigger. I am still thinking maybe he will top out at 75 pounds which is fine with us. We can handle him with no problem at this size. He can still knock me down when he is excited and I have to really watch him around kids. He has knocked several down. So far we have been very lucky as the parents have been nice about it. I try to warn them when we go any where there are small kids - he just loves them so much and wants to play with them. He doesn't know his own strength.

I will be making Opie's cake myself - it will be my first one and if it turns out like I am hoping, I may try my hand at selling them upon request! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Very First Christmas

Christmas 2014. My first Christmas. 

My stocking was full of goodies to eat.

I got a new collar.

A new game.

I love Christmas.

Note from Mom: This was our first Christmas to celebrate at home. We always go to Arkansas for Christmas and this year we went the weekend before so we were actually home on the actual day to celebrate with Opie. Usually we do our gifts before we even to go Arkansas and we have never done stockings for one another - I only do them for all the grandangels. This year started a new tradition. Stockings for the 3 of us and Brad and I always get each other 5 gifts - this year  2 had to fit in the stockings. I got a beautiful diamond necklace and perfume in mine!