Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas! I love Christmas. Presents, pretty lights, special treats. My mom and dad took me driving around to see the pretty lights. That was a lot of fun!
My mom flew to visit our family in Arkansas for a whole week and then dad went there to bring her home. I went to stay with Suzanne - the lady that keeps me when my mom and dad go some place that I can't go.

I got some nice presents. My grandma made me a blanket. My mom and dad got me a puzzle that looks like a wooden bone and has pegs that you have to remove to get to the treats. I figured that out really quick! I also got some yummy treats. 

Note from Mom:
I really missed being away from him but we were able to be together again on Christmas day since we got back a day early.
The lady who keeps him found out she has stage 4 cancer so we were really sad to hear that. We will be praying for her to get well. I know how she loves dogs and she hopes she can continue keeping them as long as possible. I know Opie will miss being able to see her if her treatments keep her from all the dogs she loves.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Mom Leaves this Week

My mom is flying to Arkansas this week so that means dad and I will be winging it until the 23rd. Then I am going to go stay with a friend and play while dad goes to Arkansas, too, for a few days. Mom and Dad will drive back together and then pick me up.
I know I am going to miss my mom a lot, but dad and I will have a lot of fun, too.  He will let me do things mom doesn't let me do - like eat potato chips. Mom says we can Skype every day so we can see each other. 

Note from Mom:
I am missing him already! I have downloaded Skype on Brad's iPad so I can talk to him every day. I know he will be fine, but no one can take care of him like I do. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super Cool Photos

My mom downloaded an app on her iPad called Super Photos and they are really super cool! 
Here are some of the ones she did.

Note from Mom: I love all of these. I think I am going to have the full body one put on canvas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Christmas Pictures

My mom took a whole bunch of pictures of me in front of our Christmas tree. She wanted me to wear a Santa hat, but I told her I didn't like it so she didn't make me wear it. I think they turned out pretty good but mom says that I wasn't being very cooperative. I don't know what more she wanted. I sat down, I laid down, I smiled. 

Note from Mom: No, he was not having any part of the Santa hat. Bad idea. These are the 2 best pictures out of about 10. He did sit but wouldn't get close enough to the tree for a good picture. 
I really wanted to get our "family" picture as last year but we just never got around to it, so these will have to do. They are pretty cute.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week & Company

I had so much fun during Thanksgiving week. Both my mom and dad were home with me all week. We had family here and I got to play with Cole (7) and Hadlie (4) and mom and dad said I was so good. 
My Uncle Mark got into trouble because he kept feeding me foods that mom didn't want me to eat. I kind of liked it myself. Mom did let me have some turkey, tho. 

My cousin Kasey was a lot of fun. He kept saying he likes me a whole lot. He doesn't have a dog of his own and he says he doesn't want one, but if he did he would want a boy just like me!
I think every human should have a dog!

Note from Mom: we were really happy with Opie's behavior. Hadlie was terrified of Opie at first but within a couple of hours she was playing with him like he was a little puppy. Opie loves kids so much. Cole is more laid back and he really was more interested in his iPad or iPhone but he did play with him quite a bit.

Monday, November 23, 2015


I have a lot to be thankful for! My mom is always looking at the poor dogs at the animal shelter on Facebook and showing them to dad. I hear her telling him how sad they look and how lucky I am that I never had to live in a place like that. I can tell it makes mom sad that she can't adopt them all and give them love like I have. 
I am thankful that I have a nice warm house to live in, lots of toys and a big backyard to play in. I have  bowls that always have food and clean water. I have all kinds of good treats and bones and things to chew on. I have a nice firm bed to sleep in and mom lets me sit in her chair any time I want. I have a mom and dad that give me attention all the time and treat me like I am their baby.
Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for!

Note from Mom: when you adopt a dog (or any pet) you have no idea what the temperment will be once they are grown. Especially when getting a bully breed. We have been so lucky with Opie that he is so easy going and such a sweet personality. For that I am thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Opie in  his new memory foam Martha Stewart Pet Collection Bed.

Friday, November 13, 2015

21 Months Old - Physical Exam NO HIP DYSPLASIA

My mom took me to the doctor this week and we had X-Rays done. I have been limping a whole lot lately and she was getting worried that I might have hip dysplasia. Yea! I don't!! But...the doctor said I have some soft tissue in my right knee and I need some medication if I start limping again - for the pain and I am not supposed to run too hard for 10 days. 
Last night I forgot - and I ran really really hard because I got excited that it was cool weather and dad was out with me in the backyard. So this morning my knee is hurting again.  So mom says she is picking up the medicine for me today and this time I really have to not run for 10 days. Mom says she does not want me to have to have surgery. The doctor said I may have to see a specialist if I don't get it healed up. That doesn't sound like fun.

Note from Mom: Opie has limped off and on any time he has played too hard. It usually only lasts a day or so and then he is back to normal. I have always giving him treats with glucosomine in them but I think it is time to get the regular pills that are full dose. I am so glad to know there are no signs of hip dysplasia! That has been a big fear for me. American Bulldogs are notorious for that! Of course, this doesn't mean he won't ever develop it, but at least there are not signs of it now. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat

This was my 2nd Halloween and mom tried to dress me up as a Sock Monkey, but I said no, way! I think a bandanna was good enough!
I didn't like it at all. I did like all the little kids coming to the house and seeing all their costumes. I wasn't scared of them at all, but they might have been a little scared of me.

Note from Mom: Oh, what a pouter! I barely even got a picture of him.  We didn't have very many kids stop by because of the rain ALL day and night. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all

We went to the pumpkin patch and wow! so many pumpkins and so many smells! I could play there all day but mom and dad wouldn't let me. They said it is really for human kids, but the people told them I could have my picture taken there.
Then we went to Petsmart and I got on the scales. 75 pounds!! wow! 
We went to the park and there were only 2 dogs to play with. Doodles and Apollo. Doodles wanted to play but Apollo just whined a lot. I don't know what his problem was. He wasn't very social.
Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Note from Mom: We probably took 50 pictures, but this is pretty much the best ones of the bunch. He wasn't very cooperative. Apparently there were quite a few new scents around and he was very interested in taking it all in. Afterwards we went to Petsmart to weigh and his dad was right - he has put on a couple of pounds. 
At the park there was a pit bull named Apollo and a weenie dog  named Doodles - Apollo didn't want to play very much. I don't think he has been around other dogs too much. Doodles was all about playing and thought he was just as big as Opie. By the time we left, Opie was ready for a nap and crashed in the backseat as usual.

Twenty Months Old

Another month has gone by and I am getting closer to the 2 year old mark. Mom says I am already in my "terrible two's". I don't know why she thinks that, just because I rather play than come when she calls me. Or maybe I can't make up my mind if I want to stay in or go out. That is just a tough decision sometimes. This Fall weather is great and it makes going outside a lot more fun, but I want someone to go out with me. I want to play chase, catch frisbee and scare the squirrels and birds away!
There is a pumpkin patch not far from our house and I heard mom telling dad that we should go there for pictures. That sounds fun. I wonder what I will be for Halloween this year?

Note from Mom: We haven't weighed Opie in a long while because he has stayed at 73 pounds since he was 10 months old, but his dad seems to think he may have gotten bigger. It is hard for me to tell. I had several friends over recently who met Opie for the first time and they kept saying he was much bigger in person than in pictures. I am just used to his size and he isn't that big to me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Famous X 2

I made the banner for the 2nd time in a row! This time it was for Halloween costumes from last year so it can be on the banner for the month of October.

Note from Mom: There were a lot of really cute pictures submitted. I think it is really a fun idea that they do this. I am going to have to find something really cute for Christmas. I know I have quite a few to choose from. It was slim pickins' for Halloween. I didn't take very many. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Am Famous

Well, almost. My mom is on a Facebook page called American Bulldogs and they run costests for people to vote and whoever gets the most votes gets to be on the banner. My picture was chosen to be on the banner last month. Another contest is running now for October and so far, I am ahead, again!
This is the banner I am on right now. The theme was muddy dogs having fun.

Note from Mom: This is a private group with over 15,000 members. I really like it because everyone posts pictures all the time of their dogs and they are all so beautiful. Naturally, I think Opie is the best looking one ever, but that's just me.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strangers in the Backyard and A Brand New Fence

There have been strangers in my backyard for the past 2 days! And part of our fence is gone!  It is so cool! I can see the people across the street and every one that walks by from my deck. My backyard looks a whole lot bigger. It hasn't been a whole lot of fun, tho. Mom keeps taking me outside on the leash and I don't get to play at all. There are people in my backyard that I don't know. I don't like them being outside all day banging away and mom won't let me stay out there and supervise. Mom says they are coming back again today and we will have a brand new fence up! I guess that means that I won't be able to see across the street any more. 
Last night dad had to go with us with a flashlight and then this morning before he left for work we all went out because it was still dark. I am ready to go again but mom says we have to wait until it gets lighter outside. She doesn't like being outside in the dark. I told her I won't let anybody get her, but she still won't go. Dad is really excited about the new fence because it will have two new gates, too. That must be really cool because he keeps talking about it. I am not really sure what that means, but if dad likes it, it has to be good!


Note from Mom: I will be SO glad when this is all done! I don't like taking him out on a leash to potty! He isn't used to it and he takes a whole lot longer to go. Plus the fact that he can't play and run at all and that means a lot of pent up energy right now. It should be finished today if the rain holds out. 
The two gates are a pretty big deal to his dad. He is able to drive full circle around the house and he likes to be able to park his truck inside the gate when he wants or wash my car by bringing it around where it is paved. That is pretty nice. We already had gates but they looked pitiful and too easy to open from the outside. This will be much more secure.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am A Hiker!

I found something new to do! I can hike my leg to pee! I don't know what happened but I just walked by the tree in our backyard and the urge came over me to hike my leg and just do it. I have always been a squatter ever since I was a baby pup and I just never thought to try it that way. I like it. I think I will just hike my leg every time I need to go. I feel so manly!

Sorry no real pic of me in action.

Note from Mom: I was so surprised! He had never hiked his leg before. Just out of the blue. I just assumed since he has always squatted and he is now 19 months old, that he would never feel the need to hike his leg...LOL He has been doing it every time now, too. I am a little disappointed - I really kind of liked it that he didn't do that. Oh well - my baby is growing up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

19 Months Old Today

Another month sneaked up on me and I am getting closer and closer to 2 years old! Mom and Dad don't like it one bit. They won't be to stay a baby.
My dad put on a storm door so now we can leave the back door open. He did that just for me. Mom thinks he did it for her, but I don't think so!

Note from Mom:
He still weighs the same - sometimes he looks so big to me but other times he looks small.
He loves playing frisbee now. If you say "go get your ball" he will usually still pick up the frisbee, instead. He loves chasing the birds and squirrels out of the backyard - which I would prefer he didn't. He loves looking out the backdoor now that we have a storm door on. He is so sweet and we just love him more each day. I can't imagine our life without him now.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Keeping The Backyard Safe

For some reason there have been a whole lot of birds in our backyard lately, but I run them off as quickly as I can! It seems like every time I go outside there are dozens of them out there! All kinds of ones, red ones, little ones, big ones and I just know they are up to no good! I have always been good at chasing those pesky squirrels away. They know to run when I show up! I don't know about these birds, though. They just keep coming back over and over again. No matter, I will protect my mom and dad at all cost!

Note from Mom: We  put out several bird feeders and humming bird feeders and just enjoy being able to sit on the deck and watch them, but Opie thinks he is doing us a big favor by running them off every chance he gets. I keep hoping he will eventually tire of chasing them off, but so far, not happening! He is so brave!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hi Ho Hi Ho - Back To Work Mom Goes

We had so much fun this summer with mom being home but now she has to go back to work. This makes me sad. But the good news is, I no longer have to stay in a kennel so I have free run of the whole house. Mom leaves the TV on for me all day on cartoons so I pretty much stay in the recliner and sleep or watch TV. She comes home for lunch every day and we get a whole hour. She sits on the deck and watches me play or we throw the ball or frisbee. Dad is going to make me a new flirt pole and that always wears me out quick, so I will probably play on it at lunch time. Then I will sure to sleep til she comes home at 3:30.
The first week she went to work was good because dad took off the whole week and we got to hang out together. So really this is my first full week home alone. 

Playtime at lunch

Note from Mom: Every day when I come home for lunch at 11 he is asleep in my recliner and when I come home from work at 3:30 he is asleep in my recliner. ha! Pretty safe to say he sleeps quite a bit when we are gone. I always leave him a big bone filled with organic peanut butter for dogs, so that keeps him busy for a little while. From 11 - 12 we play and by the time I leave to go back he is ready for the afternoon nap. I am just so glad I feel like I can trust him to be on good behavior!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Am One and A Half Years Old Today

Today is my birthday and a half! My mom got me a really nice collar and leash. It has my name and phone number embroidered right on the collar. I look so good in it, too.
Mom and Dad took me to Petsmart and I got some new toys. I got a Chuck It Ball, A Chuck It Slingshot toy and a buffalo hoof. 
I got weighed and I am still 73 pounds. (72.8 to be exact)

My newest trick that I have learned is catching a frisbee. It is so much fun and mom says it is very good exercise for me. I can jump real high to get it, too.

Note from Mom: He caught on to catching a frisbee really fast. It had been quite a while since we even tried one and back then he would duck when it went flying through the air. We have been bouncing balls off the roof and he started catching them so I think that gave him the confidence to try. He loves it now!

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Portrait

My big skin sister, Robin, took a lot of pictures of me when she was here. Mom really liked this one so she had it made 11 x 14. I think I do look quite handsome! Mom wanted a good one framed for the den wall. 

Note from Mom: I love this picture! I even have cards and address labels made with this particular photo. I bought the distressed wooden frame at Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Grandma and Me

My grandma came to visit me (and my mom and dad) for 2 weeks. She had not seen me since last summer except in pictures so she was amazed and how big I am now. She really loves me. She lets me sit in the chair with her just like mom.

Note from Mom:
My mom comes to visit every summer for 2 weeks from Arkansas. She and Opie get along great and my mom is really big into rescue so she is a real dog lover like I am. She has 3 little dogs at home but she fosters all the time. In fact, one of the little dogs is a foster failure and most likely another one will be - the 3rd one was adopted from an owner who left him at the vet.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tucker and Me!

My little 4 year old nephew was here and he and I had a big time playing. He likes to play rough like me. We got in trouble a whole lot because we would get too rough sometimes. Mom was afraid that we would hurt each other, but I wouldn't hurt him on purpose. We had fun together. I was sad  when he had to go home. 
Here are some of the pictures my sister took of us *Tucker's mommy*

Note from Mom: 
My grandson, Tucker, stayed the week with us. He and Opie were going pretty much glued together. They did get fussed at quite a bit. Opie is so big compared to Tucker and he is like a bull in a china cabinet. He wouldn't hurt him on purpose (unless out of pain or fear) but he paws hard and he can knock a grown person down if they are not ready for him. We wanted Tucker to go home in one piece but we are glad they got along so well! It was really good for Opie to have company for that long. 

Mini Photo Session

Mom and I had a fun time with our mini photo session. My big sister was here for a few days and she loves to take pictures. She has a really really nice camera and mom says she can make anybody look good. Mom says I look mighty handsome but I think my mom looks pretty, too. I wish daddy was in some of the pictures but he was at work.
Here are our pictures:

Note from Mom:

I was glad to get some decent pictures of the 2 of us. He is so cute and very photogenic. My daughter loves photography. I wish she could get into it full time. She has done weddings, family shoots and now she can add dogs to her books.

Monday, June 8, 2015

16 Months Old Today

I am 16 months old today! I am half way to my 2nd birthday!

I am still 72 pounds but I am all muscle. Mom says I am so smart. Since we have moved to our new house I get to stay out all the time now. I haven't been in my kennel in a long, long time.  I have met a lot of mom's friends and I don't jump up on people any more. I am learning to control myself much better. Mom says that we are going to have company soon and then we will have  2 little kids here. One is my nephew, Tucker, and he is 4 1/2 years old, so we can play together. Mom is going to buy me a bigger pool so there will be room for both of us. The other one is my 8 months old niece and so she won't be much fun to play with. They will be at our house for a whole week! I know I have to be on my best behavior because I have to be extra gentle with little kids.
This is Tucker

Note from Mom: I can't believe he is already 1 1/2 years old! He is so much more mature. I am so glad that he finally got him jumping under control. He doesn't realize how much strength he has.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Am Growing Up

Things have really changed for me since we  moved! Mom and Dad have started letting me have free rein of the house. When we lived at the other house mom and dad put up baby gates so I couldn't go to the other bedrooms without them. Now I can go upstairs, in other rooms, every where and they don't say a word!
When mom and dad go to work I don't have to be in my kennel any more. Everyone is happy about that. Mom tells me I am a good boy every day when she comes home for lunch and sees that I have just been napping in my bed. I want to keep doing good so I can keep my freedom of the house.

Note from Mom: it was really scary at first letting him have free rein, but he has been so good since the move. Most days when I come home for lunch he is in his bed upstairs in our bedroom, but today he was sitting in the recliner in the den - looking like a big dog!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Cool Food Bowl Set

Look at the cool idea my mom came up with. She is so smart. She glued my bowls on these little stools and put them on a pretty tray.
Note from Mom: he can be such a messy eater sometimes. The tray catches what he spills and it's easy to clean. The little stools are the perfect height so he eats without bending down too far. There is controversy over raised bowls vs. low on the floor bowls. Experts differ on the opinions. Some say raised bowls can lead to bloat (or twisted stomach) others say it prevents it. I say if they are prone to it, they will get it.
Stainless Steel bowls are much more sanitary than plastic. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. I rally like it. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom was so happy this morning when she woke up and found the pretty red roses dad and I left for her. I even got her a musical card. Dad tried to get my paw print on the card but it didn't work out real well. He says I was being uncooperative. I know my mom loved her roses and card because she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Dad made breakfast for mom and he even made me a bowl of scrambled eggs. It was a good Mother's Day.

Note from Mom: I was happily surprised to wake up to roses and the sweet musical card. It plays Beethoven 5th. Opie even got up with me this morning - usually I have to pry him out of bed on the weekends. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Gotcha Anniversary

I have officially been adopted for ONE whole YEAR! I sure do love my mom & dad and my home. I am one lucky bulldog! My mom buys me really good food and lots of fun toys to play with. They take me to fun places. They play with me every day. I get special treats all the time. I know they love me a lot!
I am 15 months old today! Mom says I have to go to the dog doctor tomorrow for my one year physical. I am not too happy about that. Especially since mom says they won't let her stay with me because I have to stay all day.

Note from Mom: He is just the best ever. He has adjusted to the move so well. He is such a happy go lucky bulldog. It seems like he has been with us forever.
It is hard to believe he is 15 months old. Tomorrow he gets his comprehensive physical and they want me to drop him off at 9 a.m. That means he will probably stay until the afternoon. I know they will draw blood and he hates that. I wish I could stay with him and hold him through it. I will update with his weight afterwards but I don't think he is any bigger. He seems to have topped out at 72 pounds.

Update: still 72 pounds and clean bill of health. He did so good that he got a special treat - beef kneecap.