Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strangers in the Backyard and A Brand New Fence

There have been strangers in my backyard for the past 2 days! And part of our fence is gone!  It is so cool! I can see the people across the street and every one that walks by from my deck. My backyard looks a whole lot bigger. It hasn't been a whole lot of fun, tho. Mom keeps taking me outside on the leash and I don't get to play at all. There are people in my backyard that I don't know. I don't like them being outside all day banging away and mom won't let me stay out there and supervise. Mom says they are coming back again today and we will have a brand new fence up! I guess that means that I won't be able to see across the street any more. 
Last night dad had to go with us with a flashlight and then this morning before he left for work we all went out because it was still dark. I am ready to go again but mom says we have to wait until it gets lighter outside. She doesn't like being outside in the dark. I told her I won't let anybody get her, but she still won't go. Dad is really excited about the new fence because it will have two new gates, too. That must be really cool because he keeps talking about it. I am not really sure what that means, but if dad likes it, it has to be good!


Note from Mom: I will be SO glad when this is all done! I don't like taking him out on a leash to potty! He isn't used to it and he takes a whole lot longer to go. Plus the fact that he can't play and run at all and that means a lot of pent up energy right now. It should be finished today if the rain holds out. 
The two gates are a pretty big deal to his dad. He is able to drive full circle around the house and he likes to be able to park his truck inside the gate when he wants or wash my car by bringing it around where it is paved. That is pretty nice. We already had gates but they looked pitiful and too easy to open from the outside. This will be much more secure.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am A Hiker!

I found something new to do! I can hike my leg to pee! I don't know what happened but I just walked by the tree in our backyard and the urge came over me to hike my leg and just do it. I have always been a squatter ever since I was a baby pup and I just never thought to try it that way. I like it. I think I will just hike my leg every time I need to go. I feel so manly!

Sorry no real pic of me in action.

Note from Mom: I was so surprised! He had never hiked his leg before. Just out of the blue. I just assumed since he has always squatted and he is now 19 months old, that he would never feel the need to hike his leg...LOL He has been doing it every time now, too. I am a little disappointed - I really kind of liked it that he didn't do that. Oh well - my baby is growing up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

19 Months Old Today

Another month sneaked up on me and I am getting closer and closer to 2 years old! Mom and Dad don't like it one bit. They won't be to stay a baby.
My dad put on a storm door so now we can leave the back door open. He did that just for me. Mom thinks he did it for her, but I don't think so!

Note from Mom:
He still weighs the same - sometimes he looks so big to me but other times he looks small.
He loves playing frisbee now. If you say "go get your ball" he will usually still pick up the frisbee, instead. He loves chasing the birds and squirrels out of the backyard - which I would prefer he didn't. He loves looking out the backdoor now that we have a storm door on. He is so sweet and we just love him more each day. I can't imagine our life without him now.