Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Am Growing Up

Things have really changed for me since we  moved! Mom and Dad have started letting me have free rein of the house. When we lived at the other house mom and dad put up baby gates so I couldn't go to the other bedrooms without them. Now I can go upstairs, in other rooms, every where and they don't say a word!
When mom and dad go to work I don't have to be in my kennel any more. Everyone is happy about that. Mom tells me I am a good boy every day when she comes home for lunch and sees that I have just been napping in my bed. I want to keep doing good so I can keep my freedom of the house.

Note from Mom: it was really scary at first letting him have free rein, but he has been so good since the move. Most days when I come home for lunch he is in his bed upstairs in our bedroom, but today he was sitting in the recliner in the den - looking like a big dog!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Cool Food Bowl Set

Look at the cool idea my mom came up with. She is so smart. She glued my bowls on these little stools and put them on a pretty tray.
Note from Mom: he can be such a messy eater sometimes. The tray catches what he spills and it's easy to clean. The little stools are the perfect height so he eats without bending down too far. There is controversy over raised bowls vs. low on the floor bowls. Experts differ on the opinions. Some say raised bowls can lead to bloat (or twisted stomach) others say it prevents it. I say if they are prone to it, they will get it.
Stainless Steel bowls are much more sanitary than plastic. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. I rally like it. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom was so happy this morning when she woke up and found the pretty red roses dad and I left for her. I even got her a musical card. Dad tried to get my paw print on the card but it didn't work out real well. He says I was being uncooperative. I know my mom loved her roses and card because she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Dad made breakfast for mom and he even made me a bowl of scrambled eggs. It was a good Mother's Day.

Note from Mom: I was happily surprised to wake up to roses and the sweet musical card. It plays Beethoven 5th. Opie even got up with me this morning - usually I have to pry him out of bed on the weekends. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Gotcha Anniversary

I have officially been adopted for ONE whole YEAR! I sure do love my mom & dad and my home. I am one lucky bulldog! My mom buys me really good food and lots of fun toys to play with. They take me to fun places. They play with me every day. I get special treats all the time. I know they love me a lot!
I am 15 months old today! Mom says I have to go to the dog doctor tomorrow for my one year physical. I am not too happy about that. Especially since mom says they won't let her stay with me because I have to stay all day.

Note from Mom: He is just the best ever. He has adjusted to the move so well. He is such a happy go lucky bulldog. It seems like he has been with us forever.
It is hard to believe he is 15 months old. Tomorrow he gets his comprehensive physical and they want me to drop him off at 9 a.m. That means he will probably stay until the afternoon. I know they will draw blood and he hates that. I wish I could stay with him and hold him through it. I will update with his weight afterwards but I don't think he is any bigger. He seems to have topped out at 72 pounds.

Update: still 72 pounds and clean bill of health. He did so good that he got a special treat - beef kneecap.

Monday, May 4, 2015

GoodBye Old House - Hello New!

We moved! At first I didn't know what to think. I just ran and ran and ran around the backyard sniffing everything and it was no time at all that I had to have a long nap! It was so much fun!

A photo of me in the new house!

Note from Mom: He loves the new house - it didn't take him any time to learn the stairs, find his way around the house - explore the backyard. He has settled in so well. He loves to zoom around the yard - and he will slide in and look at me and wait for me to say "run, run" and he will go again. He is so entertaining.

A final photo from the old house.