Thursday, July 10, 2014

Waiting Patiently

My dad got mom a ramp for us and I know how to use it! I can go up and I can go down and get in the SUV with no problem. This will make my mom's back feel better, for sure! Mom has been taking me places just to ride around in the car and practice using the ramp so I will be comfortable.
Here we are waiting in line at Starbucks because my mom had a birthday this week and she got a free drink so I get a free puppy latte! I love love love them.

Note from Mom:
Oh, how I love that ramp!! At almost 40 pounds and super stocky - he is hard to life any more. He was able to come down right away but it took a few times and coaxing for him to go up. Now he can do it without any problem at all.