Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Months Old Today

I am 10 months old today and I weigh 69 pounds! I wear a size 7 in human boys shirts.
I still love to jump up on people - mom and dad say I have to stop doing that. I don't mean to knock people down but sometimes that happens. Especially little kids. I love them so much and want to play with them. 
My favorite human  foods are sardines and scrambled eggs.
My favorite treats are yogurt bites (mom buys Bil Jac) and I also love knuckle bones from Lucky Paws
I love to go to the park and the pet resort and sitting in the recliner with my mom.

Note from Mom: He just had another growth spurt. He gained 9 pounds this past month. He just gets cuter every day. I miss the little baby days already but he is so much fun at every age. 
He is still my lap dog - he likes to sit in the chair with me. He now sleeps in his own bed beside our bed. He just takes up way too much room in our queen size bed. I can't even turn over when he sleeps with us because he has to be right up against me. He literally takes up half the bed leaving me and Brad with the other half and that just doesn't work! lol