Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Am Growing Up

Things have really changed for me since we  moved! Mom and Dad have started letting me have free rein of the house. When we lived at the other house mom and dad put up baby gates so I couldn't go to the other bedrooms without them. Now I can go upstairs, in other rooms, every where and they don't say a word!
When mom and dad go to work I don't have to be in my kennel any more. Everyone is happy about that. Mom tells me I am a good boy every day when she comes home for lunch and sees that I have just been napping in my bed. I want to keep doing good so I can keep my freedom of the house.

Note from Mom: it was really scary at first letting him have free rein, but he has been so good since the move. Most days when I come home for lunch he is in his bed upstairs in our bedroom, but today he was sitting in the recliner in the den - looking like a big dog!