Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tucker and Me!

My little 4 year old nephew was here and he and I had a big time playing. He likes to play rough like me. We got in trouble a whole lot because we would get too rough sometimes. Mom was afraid that we would hurt each other, but I wouldn't hurt him on purpose. We had fun together. I was sad  when he had to go home. 
Here are some of the pictures my sister took of us *Tucker's mommy*

Note from Mom: 
My grandson, Tucker, stayed the week with us. He and Opie were going pretty much glued together. They did get fussed at quite a bit. Opie is so big compared to Tucker and he is like a bull in a china cabinet. He wouldn't hurt him on purpose (unless out of pain or fear) but he paws hard and he can knock a grown person down if they are not ready for him. We wanted Tucker to go home in one piece but we are glad they got along so well! It was really good for Opie to have company for that long.