Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am A Hiker!

I found something new to do! I can hike my leg to pee! I don't know what happened but I just walked by the tree in our backyard and the urge came over me to hike my leg and just do it. I have always been a squatter ever since I was a baby pup and I just never thought to try it that way. I like it. I think I will just hike my leg every time I need to go. I feel so manly!

Sorry no real pic of me in action.

Note from Mom: I was so surprised! He had never hiked his leg before. Just out of the blue. I just assumed since he has always squatted and he is now 19 months old, that he would never feel the need to hike his leg...LOL He has been doing it every time now, too. I am a little disappointed - I really kind of liked it that he didn't do that. Oh well - my baby is growing up!