Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas! I love Christmas. Presents, pretty lights, special treats. My mom and dad took me driving around to see the pretty lights. That was a lot of fun!
My mom flew to visit our family in Arkansas for a whole week and then dad went there to bring her home. I went to stay with Suzanne - the lady that keeps me when my mom and dad go some place that I can't go.

I got some nice presents. My grandma made me a blanket. My mom and dad got me a puzzle that looks like a wooden bone and has pegs that you have to remove to get to the treats. I figured that out really quick! I also got some yummy treats. 

Note from Mom:
I really missed being away from him but we were able to be together again on Christmas day since we got back a day early.
The lady who keeps him found out she has stage 4 cancer so we were really sad to hear that. We will be praying for her to get well. I know how she loves dogs and she hopes she can continue keeping them as long as possible. I know Opie will miss being able to see her if her treatments keep her from all the dogs she loves.