Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Week & Company

I had so much fun during Thanksgiving week. Both my mom and dad were home with me all week. We had family here and I got to play with Cole (7) and Hadlie (4) and mom and dad said I was so good. 
My Uncle Mark got into trouble because he kept feeding me foods that mom didn't want me to eat. I kind of liked it myself. Mom did let me have some turkey, tho. 

My cousin Kasey was a lot of fun. He kept saying he likes me a whole lot. He doesn't have a dog of his own and he says he doesn't want one, but if he did he would want a boy just like me!
I think every human should have a dog!

Note from Mom: we were really happy with Opie's behavior. Hadlie was terrified of Opie at first but within a couple of hours she was playing with him like he was a little puppy. Opie loves kids so much. Cole is more laid back and he really was more interested in his iPad or iPhone but he did play with him quite a bit.