Friday, January 8, 2016

23 Months Old Today & a Stuffy Puppy

One more month and I will be 2 years old! That is pretty exciting. I wonder what I will get for my birthday?
Mom and Dad bought me a friend! He is a big dog that just lays around and doesn't do anything and I try and try to get him to play, but he just lays there. He doesn't make any noise at all. Mom is always telling me to play nice and sometimes she takes him away and puts him where I can't find him.
She doesn't like it when I pick him up and sling him around the room.

Note from Mom: I thought maybe Opie would like having this big dog to lay around and cuddle with but he gets a little carried away. I already removed the eyes and sewed them shut because I knew if he were able to get those loose then it would be a horrible choking hazard. Every time he starts playing rough I tell him to play nice and he will for a little bit. But if I am not right there watching he would have all the stuffing out in no time! I don't leave it out when we are gone to work. He only gets it when I am where I can watch him. It is about the same size as he is. I call him Stuffy Puppy.

++++UPDATE on STUFFY PUPPY++++ he only lasted one week. After removing an ear - that left a gaping hole for stuffing to come out and after about 4 huge pieces - Stuffy Puppy had to be trashed. I could have sewn him up again but decided it was useless. He is still not ready for stuffed animals. :-(