Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mom's 1st unOfficial Client

I have a new friend. He came over this week and spent the whole day.  He was over so mom could work with him but we played a whole lot, too. His name is Samson and he is a one year old Goldendoodle. We had so much fun. He is bigger than I am, well, taller. I have a lot more muscle, tho.
His mom brought him over to our house and 6:45 in the morning and he stayed until 4:45 in the evening. By the time he left, I was limping like crazy! I was so tired! Mom says she was tired, too. We stayed outside the whole day. It was such a pretty day - not hot at all. It was just right! You should see Samson leap right over me like a frog!

Note from Mom: Samson is a pretty hyper pup, but he is just one year old and full of energy. We worked on sit, down and stay. We worked for about 10 minutes ever 45 minutes the entire day. On breaks he and Opie played until they dropped and needed a few minutes of down time. It was a lot of fun working with him. However, his mom messaged me today and has decided to rehome Samson. I was really sad to hear that. She just doesn't feel like she can give him the time he needs since he is a high energy dog. I know he will calm down in a few months and he is so smart and will make a great companion. I hope someone will want him and love him the way I love Opie. He deserves that. I was really looking forward to working with him and having him over for playdates.