Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hip Dysplasia

I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia earlier in the year and the plans to have a hip replacement are in the works for June. BUT mom and dad have decided to try a few things first to see if we can make things better and avoid the surgery.

1. I am going to go on a walk every day - but just a short one.
2. I am taking Fish Oil
3. I am taking a high dollar glucosomine tablet with Omega 3 and Green Lipped Mussel
4. Daily Massages 
5. Probiotics
6. Rimadyl (anti inflammatory Rx)
7. Grain free Diet
8. Organic treats
9. Decrease exercise outside of walking

Note from Mom: We have pretty much done all of these things to some degree but we are now going to diligently try every single one together daily and see if we can note any improvements at all. The muscle mass is what we are most concerned about and want to see if we can gain some of that back through the daily walking and eating better.

If there is any possible way to avoid the surgery or even be able to put it off a year or two - then I would like to. If we do not see any change at all over a 2 month period then we will go ahead with the surgery.

We have also decided to get a 2nd opinion. I plan to make an appointment next week for a different specialist to see him. We will update after that visit.