Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Mama's New Tattoo Redo

My mom got the coolest tattoo today! She says it is in honor of me. You know that means I am really special. She didn't put my name on it, but she still says it is because of me.

Note from Mom: Many years ago I got a hummingbird and a yellow rose tattooed on my shoulder and after too much time in the sun when we had a pool without sunscreen, no less, it had faded pretty bad. You could barely even tell what it was. It no longer had yellow in the rose or green and red in the hummingbird. So I asked an artist if he could redo it with something new. (Honestly, I would preferred to have it removed all together, but that is very costly, takes many many trips to have it removed and you still never completely get rid of it)

So when I got to his studio he had drawn up what he thought would look good. All I knew is I wanted a pawprint included. 

So here is the before picture and the after picture. I like it!