Thursday, April 21, 2016

My X Rays

My mom got all my X Rays from the first orthopedic surgeon I went to and they are pretty cool pictures. (They don't look anything like me) She says she isn't too sure she likes this first surgeon and wants to take me to another for a 2nd opinion. 
I still limp a lot even though I take my medicine. I like to run and play and then when I do I hurt for a few days after. 

Note from Mom: According to the orthopedic surgeon, he sees hip dysplasia and suggested Opie have left hip replacement. I am not sure I agree with that. I still think it is his knee. It won't hurt to get another opinion. I don't want them operating on him if it isn't absolutely necessary. 

I am a member of a Facebook page called Orthodogs and I shared these X-Rays on there and every person posted back agreed that a 2nd opinion is needed and they see no signs of hip dysplasia. There are people who are vets, vet techs & even orthopedic staff,,so makes me wonder!