Sunday, June 19, 2016

Company Comin'!

My grandma and 2 of my nieces will be coming for 2 weeks! Brooklyn and Lilly! yea!! I will have some kids to play with. I hope they will want to get in my pool with me. Last year only grandma came, but we still had fun. 
Brooklyn is 14 and Lilly is 9. I hope they let me sleep with them, too. I am so excited!

                                                                Grandma & Opie
Note from Mom: 
Brooklyn has never met Opie yet, so she is pretty happy to finally get to see more than pictures. Lilly met him when he was still a pup - so she is going to be really surprised to see how big he is now. Last year he sat in the chair with grandma quite a bit, but he is pretty much too big for that now. He will occasionally sit with me, but not too often. He prefers my recliner all to himself and gets in it every chance he gets.