Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Houston Dog Show

My mom and dad went to the Houston Dog Show last week and they didn't take me! Mom says that I would be overwhelmed with all the people and dogs and smells and stuff, but I think I would have been just fine. Maybe next year.

Anyway, when they got home I sniffed them all over and oh boy! they smelled like heaven to me. I could smell dozens of other dogs of all kinds. I really wasn't too happy with them petting and talking to other dogs, but they sure did smell good!

Then they brought out my surprises. Of course they bought me stuff. I got a new Jolly Ball! This one has a handle on it and I can just grab it up and toss it all over.

I got 3 HUGE treats! A femur, knee cap and some tendons, too. That made it all worth them seeing the other dogs. 

Note from Mom: I just love the Houston Dog Show. Every year we talk about letting Opie go - but we always back out. Then we regret not taking him, so we buy him a bunch of stuff to make up for it. LOL