Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ah Man, Mom's Back At Work

Well, Summer is over for me. Boo Hiss! My mom went back to work this week and that means I don't get to hang with her all day. We had some fun times. She says that she will let me go to the pet resort at least one day a week so I can be with my friends. I have to get over my cold first. I am feeling pretty good, but I am still on my antibiotics.
Here are some pictures mom took of me this week.

Note from Mom: I just hate that I have to leave him alone all day. I go home for lunch every day for one hour so at least we have that much. I want him to have at least one day per week to run and have fun at the pet resort. It will be totally worth it. Plus hubby and I will take him to the dog park in the evenings starting next week after he has taken all of his antibiotics and cleared from the vet.