Monday, August 18, 2014

OUR New Chair!

Since I have more than doubled my weight since I got adopted, me and mom have outgrown our old recliner. I couldn't sit with dad any more because he is big, too. Mom is not so big, but we took up all the room in the chair and she says I was smothering her. 
So...we bought 2 new recliners! They are both EXTRA BIG so I can fit OK for now. Dad picked out a nice dark brown leather and mom wanted a light colored fabric. They were delivered this weekend and we have relaxed a lot!

Note from Mom: Both recliners are very roomy and comfortable. We ordered them from LaZBoy furniture and had them within the week. Fortunately they had them in the warehouse so it was pretty quick. Opie can hop up without any problems. I chose a light color because he sits with me the most and since he does shed, I knew it would be easier to keep clean. We had them treated so we shouldn't have any problems.