Friday, August 22, 2014


Our neighbor across the street is gone on a 2 week trip to Alaska and my Lab friend, Luke, stayed behind and mom and dad are taking care of him. He stays in their backyard and we either go over there and play in the backyard with him or we bring him to our backyard to play. The first day we went to his backyard and I found a big mud puddle behind the storage building and boy, did I have a fun time! Mom and dad laughed so hard! They didn't know it was back there until I found it. Luke didn't seem to excited about it. I guess he has played in it already so it wasn't a big deal to him. 
They have a pool like we do and I like their's better. It has a wide step across it and I can get in it by myself and lay down. I still don't want to get all the way in like Luke does. He can swim back and forth across. I just watch him but I don't want to try it. We will have a lot of fun over the next 2 weeks playing every night. It wears Luke out fast because he is a lot older than me.

Note from Mom:
That boy LOVES mud! thank goodness for the wading pool. It is an easy bathtub! He gets right in and lays down and rolls over just like in the mud so he was clean just as fast as he got muddy. Little pig.
Having Luke to play with for a couple of hours each evening will be good for Opie. Luke is 6 years old. He will put up with a lot from Opie but he doesn't mind putting him in his place if Opie gets too rough.