Sunday, April 5, 2015

14 Months Old People Watching

I am still 72 pounds. Mom and Dad say I may be at my full weight now. Even though I can still grow up to 3 years old, since I have been this size for 3 months or so, this may be it. Mom and Dad are both happy about that.  I don't know why it matters. 

Note from Mom: We are perfectly fine with his size. I am on an American Bulldog facebook page and that seems to be the hot topic most days - how much their bulldog weighs. We are in the minority and we are ok with that! The larger the dog, the more problems you might face. We think Opie is a perfect size. 

His favorite thing to do right now is look out the window. We don't have to have baby gates up any more - so he isn't confined to being in the same room we are now. He will go to one of the bedrooms that face the street and watch people go by. He is pretty good about coming back to the living room where we are when we call him back. He is such a good boy. 
He is really going to love the new house - lots of windows!