Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hi Ho Hi Ho - Back To Work Mom Goes

We had so much fun this summer with mom being home but now she has to go back to work. This makes me sad. But the good news is, I no longer have to stay in a kennel so I have free run of the whole house. Mom leaves the TV on for me all day on cartoons so I pretty much stay in the recliner and sleep or watch TV. She comes home for lunch every day and we get a whole hour. She sits on the deck and watches me play or we throw the ball or frisbee. Dad is going to make me a new flirt pole and that always wears me out quick, so I will probably play on it at lunch time. Then I will sure to sleep til she comes home at 3:30.
The first week she went to work was good because dad took off the whole week and we got to hang out together. So really this is my first full week home alone. 

Playtime at lunch

Note from Mom: Every day when I come home for lunch at 11 he is asleep in my recliner and when I come home from work at 3:30 he is asleep in my recliner. ha! Pretty safe to say he sleeps quite a bit when we are gone. I always leave him a big bone filled with organic peanut butter for dogs, so that keeps him busy for a little while. From 11 - 12 we play and by the time I leave to go back he is ready for the afternoon nap. I am just so glad I feel like I can trust him to be on good behavior!