Saturday, August 29, 2015

Keeping The Backyard Safe

For some reason there have been a whole lot of birds in our backyard lately, but I run them off as quickly as I can! It seems like every time I go outside there are dozens of them out there! All kinds of ones, red ones, little ones, big ones and I just know they are up to no good! I have always been good at chasing those pesky squirrels away. They know to run when I show up! I don't know about these birds, though. They just keep coming back over and over again. No matter, I will protect my mom and dad at all cost!

Note from Mom: We  put out several bird feeders and humming bird feeders and just enjoy being able to sit on the deck and watch them, but Opie thinks he is doing us a big favor by running them off every chance he gets. I keep hoping he will eventually tire of chasing them off, but so far, not happening! He is so brave!!!