Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Am One and A Half Years Old Today

Today is my birthday and a half! My mom got me a really nice collar and leash. It has my name and phone number embroidered right on the collar. I look so good in it, too.
Mom and Dad took me to Petsmart and I got some new toys. I got a Chuck It Ball, A Chuck It Slingshot toy and a buffalo hoof. 
I got weighed and I am still 73 pounds. (72.8 to be exact)

My newest trick that I have learned is catching a frisbee. It is so much fun and mom says it is very good exercise for me. I can jump real high to get it, too.

Note from Mom: He caught on to catching a frisbee really fast. It had been quite a while since we even tried one and back then he would duck when it went flying through the air. We have been bouncing balls off the roof and he started catching them so I think that gave him the confidence to try. He loves it now!