Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Mom - The Dog Trainer

My mom has been working hard on trying to get her dog training business going. She finally has a name. It will be called Smarty Paw Dog Training. There is a lot more for her to do, though. She keeps getting frustrated and wants to throw in the towel but dad and I are encouraging her. She finished her school training last year. It is time to get going with it! I am going to be her model. She has MY picture on her business cards that she is having made. Since I do so well with my training, she says she can show potential clients all the things she has taught me. 

Note from Mom: It is very frustrating. I keep running into road blocks. Picking a name was bad enough. I narrowed it down to 3 and then finally to Smarty Paw Dog Training. I had several offer a name or two, but none that I liked as well. 
So much to do! I didn't think there would be much work to getting this going since I planned to use my own backyard  for the most part - no building needed - no overhead really. No employees - mostly word of mouth (I hope) and One on One. I can do a Facebook page, a website - business cards are not too expensive. But - - -besides picking a name and making sure it is not taken - and filling out the paperwork, having it notarized and mailed in to the county clerks office - with payment - there is still the question of insurance, brochures, how much to charge, business bank account, tax forms,  etc.  So so much!

I want this to be fun! Maybe I should just do this as a hobby...ugh