Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Intermediate Classes Have Begun

I am back in school! I have had 2 lessons so far. The first lesson was one on one because no one else signed up but for the second lesson I had a friend. He is a Lab and they let us play since it was just the two of us. 

Here is what we are working on so far:

Coming when called with distractions
Leave it, with distractions

It was a lot of fun. The trainer bounced a ball all around the room while mom and dad took turns calling me back and forth. I got lots of treats for just running back and forth. Easy as pie. 
We walked all around the store at a slow pace and a fast pace and mom would say "heel" and I had to stop right then and sit down. I did that pretty good. It was hard because there were an awful lot of kids around and I wanted to play with them really bad. 

Note from Mom:
We enjoyed having a one on one class but are glad to have someone else in class, too. I was very happy with how well he did, but of course this was an enclosed area. When we go to the park and call him, he doesn't always listen very well. 

He will be 7 months this week and is 52 pounds.