Sunday, March 8, 2015

13 Months Old

72 pounds - that's me! Mom says that I am just right - she doesn't want me to get any bigger. I don't know if I will or not. I sure like to eat!!

Mom and dad are looking for another house to buy so I will have a bigger backyard. Our backyard has a pool and it takes up a lot of room. Mom says that is the #1 stipulation - it must have a BIG yard!

Note from Mom: Since American Bulldogs are not considered grown until at least 2 years old, it is hard to tell if he is at his maximum. I am still thinking he will be less than 80, but then I didn't think he would reach 70, so who know!

We are looking for a house with a big back yard, no pool - more room in general. People laugh and say we are doing this for Opie - but actually, we have thought about it for a good while - before Opie was even thought about. I feel like we are in a new phase in our lives and a pool is just not priority any more. No more than it is used, it is a huge waste of money. The upkeep is tremendous and it just isn't worth it. With having Opie - that pushed us into making the decision instead of just talking about it. I can't wait to have a big yard for him to play him!