Saturday, March 21, 2015

House Hunting

Mom and Dad have been house hunting like crazy. Every time they think they have found one - it just isn't. They want to have a big yard for me to play in. Right now we have a pool and I don't really like it so much and mom is always afraid I am going to fall in. Well, I actually did fall in one time but it was close to the steps and I got myself out before Mom could even get out of her chair. Another time one foot slipped in but I caught myself. Mom and Day say if I fall in the deep end I could be in some serious trouble! I try to be careful, but sometimes I just can't help getting too close.

Anyway - Mom and Dad are looking for the perfect house that will be just right for all of us. Mom wants a bigger house and Dad wants plenty of room outside for me him to play in, too. They have been getting our house ready to sell and I think they are just about ready. It looks pretty good to me!

Note from Mom: I don't want to get my hopes up - but we have put in an offer for a house that we feel fits us to a "T". But, this has happened before. We will find out today if they accept our offer (full price) but with the contingency of our house selling. We are pretty confident ours will sell quickly, so hopefully their listing agent will recognize that and give them the advice that it is a sound offer. However, so many people are looking to buy and just not enough on the market that is really this nice and a good price. Will see - - - I keep telling myself that if it is "meant to be, it will be". I say that to my kids - so I need to believe that myself!