Friday, June 6, 2014

Keeping Cool in the Heat

My mom bought me this really cool (literally) pad for when we are outside. It is a big pad with foam inside and you fill it with water and when I lay on it my body temperature makes it feel cool. It is so COOL. 
Here I am sitting on it on the lounge chair with my bowl of ice. I love love love ice. My mom is SUPER MOM!

Note from Mom: This is really a great invention! Wish I had thought of it. It is made of very tough material and he has scratched at it and tried to bite on the corners a few times and so far - he hasn't torn it. It wipes off easily. I like laying on it myself! It covers the whole lounger so (right now) we can both sit on it. I bought it at Marshalls for $39 which is a good buy since I have seen them as much as $65 online. Great investment! (My hubby said "save your receipt" when he saw it because he just knew it was a waste of money. Ha Ha - he was wrong!)