Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puppy Orientation = Starbucks Reward

I made it through puppy orientation at Petsmart. There was only one other dog, a Mastiff! She was only one month older and twice my size! she was huge!!! One of her paws would make 2 of mine. She and I played and I was just as tough as she was. Size doesn't matter. I'm a boy!

The trainer talked about what we would do in actual training. She went over "sit" and showed how to teach that but I already know that one. I still got a lot of treats so that was fun anyway.

I am going to start obedience training in a couple of weeks right after my "surgery" (neutering)

After all my hard work and patience, mom and dad stopped at Starbucks and I got a Puppy Treat!! It was so yummy! 

Note from Mom:
It was a little difficult with his excitement - he has such power already. I can not wait to go through training and get him to do leash better. He can have a pretty stubborn streak. He is so much fun, tho.
I got a little upset because I was told he would not be able to group play because of his being a "bully breed". That is totally unfair because an American Bulldog is picked on for "looking like a Pit Bull" and they even agreed it was because they have too many people asking if they are a Pit when they bring their dogs in to play. It is people who are ignorant of the differences between a Pit Bull and an American Bulldog. They told me that they knew that the AmBulldog was a family dog and it was strictly because of that reason. This is a company policy and not one person there agrees with it.  BUT....we will get around that - he can still do puppy play for 2 more months and then he will also have obedience training - An American Bulldog is a hybrid from the early 1900's cross bred between an English Bulldog and Mastiff. English Bulldogs are allowed in puppy play. Sooooooo he will be listed as an English Bulldog mix. So problem solved.