Monday, September 8, 2014

I Won! Dog Day at the Wave Pool

We went to the wave pool this weekend! I was in a contest and I won a ribbon for  "most obedient" and then I won  a big ribbon Grand Prize Overall Best in Show! My mom and dad were so proud of me. They kept telling me how smart I am and how good I was the whole time. 

I even got in the wave pool by myself! I just walked right in there with all the other dogs. There were all kinds of dogs there, too. We didn't see any that look like me, tho. There was one that mom said was a little like me. He had the same colors, but he was an English Bulldog. I liked him. 

There was a couple of mud puddles that were big enough for me to jump in and I rolled and got mud all over me. I just love to get muddy!

Note from Mom: It was so fun! We had a blast. It was good to see Opie enjoying himself, playing with all the other dogs, running and jumping in the water. There were several people in the pool that had balls or frisbees and a few times Opie would fetch it for them. He thought they were doing it for him. They didn't seem to mind.

We were surprised when Opie won his ribbons, especially Grand Prize. For Most Obedient - we went through several of his tricks and since he did them on command, they considered that obedient. The little rascal would not come when I called him while he was out in the water or running. He was just having too much fun. Oh, the mud puddles - - - yes, there certainly were and not only did he jump and roll - he sloshed mud ALL OVER 2 ladies who were sitting in chairs at their vendors booth! lol they were very nice about it. It had rained right before it started so every one was a little wet anyway, but Opie just made sure they were a little muddy, too. He is such a character.