Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What A Difference

My mom was quite surprised when she put these 2 pictures side by side. I weighed 54 pounds on the day I turned 7 months. 

Note from Mom:
He is losing his baby features! I don't want him to grow up yet! I know he is still a puppy but  not in the looks department. He is so personable and  people constantly tell me how beautiful he is and want to talk to him and pet him. He is learning he has to sit before any one can touch him and by taking him out to pet friendly stores, he is doing pretty good.

He can now: (On Command)
high five
lay down
roll over
fetch or "get it"
bring it
get in your bed
leave it

We are working on:
*come when called with distractions - this one is a tough one for him!
*heel when on leash - doing really well 
*waiting with distractions
*sitting/staying with distractions
*leave it with distractions

I am very proud of how far he has come in the 4 months that we have had him. I can't imagine him not being in our lives now.