Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SandBox Fun - Danger? UPDATE

You see that horrible iron rod sticking up in the corner of that sandbox? When we went to play at the dog park, my dad fixed it for the time we were there, but my mom and dad both e-mailed the city Parks & Recreation about the danger and they are fixing it this week. Mom took this picture so she could send it to them. They sent someone right out to check it and they called my mom and let her know it would be fixed ASAP. 

Not only that - my mom is trying to get some other things done for the park so it will make it a happier place to visit. The man over the budget told my mom that they would see what they could do to get new park benches and maybe even a concrete water pond like the one at my favorite park! 

Note from Mom: We love taking Opie to the dog park, but our local park is just not up to standards in my opinion. Not after visiting other city dog parks and seeing what is available. Our city has money for many things and the upgrades for the dog park is just as important as some of the things the money is spent on. This squeaky wheel is going to squeak until she is happy with the progress of our city park!

Here is the NEW and IMPROVED Sandbox! Parks & Recreation were on it right after we talked to them. Despite all the rain this week - it still was taken care of!