Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Very Scary !

I went to group play today and I got way too hot! I scared mom and dad really bad. I am ok now! 

Note from Mom: We had a scare with Opie last night. I picked him up at group play and I knew he didn’t seem that excited but I thought that was a good thing because he is a little calmer each time I pick him up. On the way home I noticed he was panting really, really hard, like I have never seen him do. It was loud, too. When we got home and I got him in the house, I tried to get him to drink but he wouldn’t – he just collapsed on the floor in the kitchen completely spread out and his heart was beating so fast and he was just not right. His eyes didn’t look right and he had thick drool. His face and eyes were as red as they could be and since he has a pink body under the white, it was much brighter pink. I got a wet dish towel and put it over the bottom half of him and he didn’t flinch. Brad came in right then and he got another wet towel and I just kept wiping his face and covered the rest of his body. He started to cool down enough then that he would drink some water and we just kept giving him a little bit at a time. I know he was on the verge of heat stroke. I seriously don’t think he would have made it much longer if I hadn’t picked him up when I did. After about an hour he was back to normal, but he didn’t move from that spot for 30 minutes and then when he did he went right to his bed. When he was back to normal he ate and was like nothing happened.
I am thinking that every time he goes to the pet resort it has ended up raining part of the afternoon or at least thundering and lightening and they go indoors to play. Yesterday was 91 and pretty sunny the whole time. I am wondering if they never went in. When I picked him up they said he was good like he always is and went on about how they just love having him there.
I am going to call in a while and let them know what happened. Bulldogs just cannot be out in the heat for a solid 4 hours if that is what they did. I want him to go but I just want them to make sure he is drinking plenty and getting to go in occasionally.

That was just too scary. I am glad I already knew the signs of heatstroke and what to do!