Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Am Not Allowed On the Bed

My mom and my dad say I am not allowed on the bed. My mom has all pretty quilted stuff and pretty soft pillows so she says I can't put my dirty paws on them. She says I might eat the pillows. She says I take up too much room. Dad says I snore too loud. He says there is only enough room for him and mom. I say they should buy a KING size bed!

Note from Mom: Well, obviously that rule has been broken a time or two. On Fridays when I leave for work, Brad is still in bed since he is off on Fridays. I take Opie outside before I leave and Brad has gotten where he lets Opie get up on the bed with him while he has his coffee and watches TV. One of these days I won't be a bit surprised if we do decide to get a KING size bed just so he can sleep with us. We already bought extra large recliners so he can sit with us. LOL