Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy is Making A's

My mommy is already on Unit 5 of her online courses for Dog Trainer/Instructor through Penn Foster. She is moving right along!
She is going to be so smart!

Note from Mom: I have made 100% on every test with the exception of one and I made a 99% on that one by missing one question. :-( 
I am waiting on my score for a BIG exam - it was 4 Case Study Plans - and choosing the right breed for each case study. I had to give the breed, the reasons for my choice and then I had to choose a breed that would not be right for  each case study and give the reasons. I was given 5 - 6 choices of breeds to choose from. Can't wait to see my score! This one will be human graded, not computer generated. 

So far we have covered: 
Parts of the Dog
Sensory Abilities
Social Behavior
Applied Dog Behavior
How Dogs Learn
Dog Selection
Housetraining and Crate training
Canine Equipment 

Now I am ready to start on Commands. I am really enjoying these courses!

I have also submitted my Volunteer application for a local rescue/shelter. I want to start spending time helping and learning more with some hands - on. Several of my lessons coming up will require working with dogs - and of course I have Opie - but it will be fun working with a variety of dogs.