Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Mom is Back!

My mom had to fly to Arkansas and I couldn't go with her. She
was gone 4 whole LONG days! I missed her so much. Dad and I had a good time together, tho. He took me to the park twice and I played with a Mastiff puppy one day. We had a fun time. Dad bought me some new bones and they were so good. I got in trouble a couple of times for digging. I was just missing my mom, tho. I am so glad she is back!!!!

Note from Mom:
Opie was so excited to see me. I sat in the recliner when we got home and Brad went to let him out and he wouldn’t come out because that is how he generally does – it takes him awhile to wake up – so I have to call him and he came running and jumped into the recliner and just kissed me all over my face and head. LOL he literally had tears. That went on for at least 5 full minutes. Good thing I took my glasses off because he had my hair all over my head and I could hardly breathe. I wish we had video’d it. It was priceless. I kept him up 30 minutes and everywhere I walked I could feel him touching my leg. He really missed me. It was sweet.