Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blanket Privilege Revoked

Uh oh...I got in trouble. Mom let me have a blanket last night to sleep so I could be warm and cozy but I guess I got hungry during the night and I ate some of it. She says I won't get to sleep with a blanket for a long long time. 

Note from Mom: With the weather getting cooler - I thought maybe a blanket in his kennel would work out now. He is 9 months old and I thought maybe he was old enough to try again. The last time we tried he shredded it and that was his baby blanket! 
He sleeps in our room so every time I wake up I hear him snoring away. I don't know when he did this, but he did! As you can see, those 3 little pieces will not fit the big missing piece - that means some of it is inside his big belly (for now).
I just hope it all comes out uneventfully!!