Sunday, November 23, 2014

Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed?

Nobody! Because I am sleeping in mom and dad's bed! That's right. My dad says I can and so mom says we can try it out and so now that is where I get to sleep! I have to stay on top of the covers but that is ok. I like it like that. I am getting a lot of cuddles. It is so much nicer than my bed. I have to be on my best behavior and so far they say I am being 100% perfect. I am trying really really hard because I love sleeping with them!

Note from Mom: Shocker - Brad, out of the blue says "lets try him out sleeping with us". I was like are you kidding me?? He just keeps surprising me. For a man who was not ever a "dog person" he sure has made a huge turnaround! Anyway - we did and he did great. No problems at all. I just put on old comforter on top of our bedding, but I am going to buy a king size quilt today and use it so it covers every thing (we have a queen). 
 I am all for him sleeping with us over the winter - but when it comes summer time - well, we will see. He may not even want to sleep in the bed by then if it is hot to him as well.