Thursday, November 27, 2014

Our Christmas Pictures

Oh boy did we have fun! I bet we took 20 pictures and there were a lot of blurry ones! It is hard to sit still for the camera. Especially when mom and dad are acting all frantic and crazy trying to take pictures. But I think turned out pretty good. Mom is making Christmas cards with them, I think.

Note from Mom: Yes, it was quite an ordeal. We haven't even used our "real" camera in a long, long time. Seems all we use are our phones any more. But we got it out, charged it up and set up the tripod. We did take about 20 pictures. At first I sat on the hearth with Opie and Brad set the timer - every single picture was a blur with Opie - Brad and I were fine, tho - he either had his head back looking at one of us or just moving around. Once I decided to be the timer setter upper - then we got some decent pics. The top 2 were the best - the bottom 2 were just some set up photos.  
I am only getting a dozen cards since we really don't send out a lot of Christmas cards anyway. (the first one)  I am also ordering some to frame.