Friday, November 14, 2014

My Daddy is a Pushover

My dad took this picture of me while I was sleeping in their bed and mom was at work. He said I was sleeping so good he didn't want to wake me up. I love Fridays. Dad stays home and he plays with me all day. Today he is taking me to the park and we might get some treats at our favorite store. 

Note from Mom: At least he put a cover on top of my cream bedding first! I just got it back from the cleaners this week. I really don't mind him being on our bed as long as he is invited and he is clean. We have allowed dogs to sleep with us in the past but they were always little dogs. Opie takes up a lot of space and he is very heavy to move over. His head weighs more than my previous dogs. He does look sweet and sleeping comfortably. I love it when my husband sends me pictures from their Fridays together.
Brad just sent me this one from the park.