Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sad Sad News RIP Diesel

There was a very sad and bad thing that happened at one of the doggy parks that we sometimes go to this past weekend. A man took his gun with him and he said a dog was being too aggressive to his dog and he shot him 3 times. The poor dog died. The police were there and they questioned people but the did not arrest the man. There were lots of witnesses who said the dog did nothing wrong, he was just a puppy who wanted to play. My mom and dad said we will not go back to that dogpark to play.

Rest In Peace, Diesel

Not from Mom:
I am very upset about the news. It was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was killed. The news reported that the man shot the dog 3 times in self defense but witnesses say the dog did nothing to provoke the man. The investigation is still ongoing and I certainly hope they find enough cause to indict the man. He deserves to pay for taking the life of someone else's beloved pet. 
Just heartbreaking. The news story is below. We will be keeping up with it to find out if the man is punished.

Dog Shot at Dog Park