Friday, January 30, 2015

Graduated All The Way!

I am done with all my training. I am an official graduate. I have been through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training. Mom says that is a big deal. She says she is going to be training me for other things but I know a lot of stuff already.

I can bow, wave, crawl, sit, down, up, high 5, shake, heel, stay, leave it, roll over, spin and mom says I am the smartest dog ever.  She should know because she is the smartest mom ever.

Note from Mom: We have now been through 3 levels of training. All through Petsmart and I am glad we decided to go through them. Marilyn, his trainer, is a very sweet person and Opie really loves her and she loves him as well. She is leaving Petsmart for bigger and better things but she made sure she finished out her time with Opie's training. We will miss seeing her at Petsmart but hopefully we will continue to stay in touch through social media and possible playdates at the park.