Thursday, January 15, 2015

Advanced Training

I am half way finished with my Advanced Training Classes. My trainer says I will get an official stamped certificate with a seal and everything. My mom frames my certificates and hangs them on the wall. 
We switched our training to Tuesday evenings instead of Sunday afternoons. That way it doesn't interfere with fun times like the park! Plus I get out an extra night during the week. 
My trainer says she is quitting after I graduate. I am her last class. I will miss seeing her at Petsmart but mom says we can still meet her at the dogpark some time with Kahleesi.

Note from mom: This will be our very last training to do for awhile. We are working on standing from a down position, crawling and leaving a treat on the paw until he gets to OK. Actually he does all of these at home already but he does have difficulties in an area with a lot of distractions so this has been good. I will continue working on everything he has done in all 3 classes and will keep adding my own commands. He is so smart - but like a typical bully breed - he is hard headed sometimes! The following pictures were taken this week. He loves to snort in my ear.