Friday, January 16, 2015

My Dad is The Best

I love my daddy. What can I say. He plays with me all the time. He likes for me to hang out with him in the backyard. He buys me cool treats and toys. I look forward to Friday's because mom goes to work and dad stays home and when mom leaves he lets me get in the bed. We stay there and watch TV for a couple of hours and then we have a good time playing when we get up. Sometimes we go to the park on Fridays all by ourselves. Mom says I am lucky because daddy never really was a "dog person" before  I came along. 

Note from Mom: Now that we have had Opie in our lives for 9 months - I can't imagine him not being a part of our family. Even though Brad was on board with ME getting a dog - because he knows how much I love them and I just don't feel complete with out one in my home, he never planned to get so attached. In fact, he hadn't really planned on doing anything more than accompanying us to the dog park, take care of him ONLY if he HAD to if I was gone and maybe let him hang out in the backyard with him from time to time. He never dreamed he would fall so in love with him, too. He dotes on Opie all the time. I used to worry about the costs of having a large breed and wondered if he would have a fit if he knew how much I would be spending. HA! He spoils him more than I do in the toy and treat department. At first when we had to board him for the first time and I told him how much it would cost - he wasn't too thrilled, especially with any add on services like "human play" time, extra treats, etc. Now when he goes he wants to upgrade him to the nicest suite (which includes TV) and make sure he gets plenty of one on one time. We have a place called Lucky Pawz and I try to be reasonable with the treats we buy there since it is a high end pet store but he will just waltz in there on his own and bring home a bag full of stuff. It is really fun to see their relationship blooming more and more each day - BUT HE IS MY DOG! 
Brad just sent me this picture of Opie with the text - "He says he doesn't want to get up". LOL