Saturday, May 10, 2014

3 Days Later...

and I am still here! I guess mom and dad are committed to me now. I hope so, I am sure committed to them! I am happy happy happy that it is Saturday and my mom and dad are both home ALL day. Mom has been working with me on "come" and "down". Sometimes I listen really good and sometimes I just see too many other things I need to check out. 
They are going to buy me a bigger ball today! I know I have a big mouth and all my toys are going to have to be big big big! Just like me!

It has been 3 whole days since I moved  to my new home. I think I have done fantastic. We are getting down to a routine now. I think when I go to my obedience training and learn more what is expected - it will be even better.

I have my first appointment for my shots tomorrow. Yike! I hope they don't hurt as much as my 6 week shots! I didn't like those. I heard mom talk about all kinds of shot things and even a surgery or something. Not sure what that was about!

I love my crunch toy and I can sure wipe out a plastic water bottle fast! I just love the sound they make. 

I am very photogenic, don't you think?

*note for mom...I think we are totally in puppy love now. This morning we worked on a couple of commands. He really is a smart little guy. We bought him some bacon flavor rawhide chews and he can devour one in 10 minutes flat! We may have to get a large chew bone that is safe for him. I don't take my eyes of of him while he chews on a rawhide. I have a fear of him choking.